Development of a knowledge creation system using an appreciative inquiry approach for head nurses in a Thai Public Hospital


  • Paitoon Chuangchum


Knowledge management, Organizational learning, Nursing, Knowledge creation, Appreciative inquiry


The purpose of this article is to outline the development of a system of creating new knowledge using the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) approach for head nurses in a Thai public hospital. The research results demonstrated that the Knowledge Creation (KC) system consisted of 4 stages and 12 steps, which were effective in raising KC skill levels and was able to be used by head nurses at a regional public hospital in Thailand. The significant factors in the KC system using AI were the core elements of infrastructure factors (i.e., people, culture, communication, leadership, trust and facilities) and knowledge enabler factors (i.e., top manager support, care for KC, climate, collaboration, teamwork and empowerment). This research has produced a body of new knowledge in KC, which has been validated by five knowledge management (KM) experts, whose features of quality, reliability, benefits and application were found to be statistically and practically significant