Migrant professional carers in four European regions – A comparative exploration of their learning needs


  • Jonathan Kaplan
  • Rita Bencivenga
  • Vincenzo D'Angelo
  • Stefan Kunz
  • Filippo Bignami
  • Alister Charnley
  • Stanislava Tsoneva


In some European regions, elderly care in homes and in residential care units is taken up to a great extent by migrant paid care, for the most part migrants within Europe. Challenges for elderly healthcare provision and quality have been raised. Our aim in this research was to inquire into the learning needs of professional migrant carers as they perceive them, as a step towards facing these challenges. Drawing on structured interviews with 50 carers in four regions in Europe, conducted between March 2012 and January 2013, the data suggests that there are commonalities that can be addressed. This article presents the general research process and results in Ticino (Switzerland), Liguria (Italy), The Lothians (UK) and the province of Sofia (Bulgaria) with a focus on comparative research outcomes. The analyses suggest that stress and language difficulties are predominant. Training to address these and the recognition of carers as professionals, which training would help support, are suggested.