Perspectives on Filipino older adult caring: An ethnonursing approach


  • Banpot Wiroonratch


Older adult care, Care meanings, Culture care, Ethnonursing, Nursing home


ABSTRACT            Caring is the central context of nursing. It encompasses age, religion, race, and traditions. There may be uniqueness as to how a certain culture accords care for their respective older adult. However, certain care practices for the older adult can be considered for replication in other cultures, with the aim of enhancing the quality of care of the older adult, and developing nursing leadership that will address the various care needs of this population. This paper presents the Filipino way of providing care for older adult inside an older adult home. Using the ethnonursing approach, the researchers lived in with these older adult and their carers. Findings from this study can provide nurses and other care providers’ insights on developing standard care practices that address the needs of the older adult for quality healthcare services towards quality health outcomes.