Factors influencing health-promoting behaviors of Vietnamese patients with hypertension


  • Nga Thi Ho
  • Narumon Pathumarak
  • Pornpat Hengudomsub


Hypertension, Health-promoting behaviors, Vietnamese


ABSTRACT             Despite the affirmed roles of health-promoting behaviors (HPBs) in improving health and quality of life among patients with hypertension, researchers were repeatedly reported patients’ poor practices of such behaviors. This study was conducted to explore HPBs as well as to investigate the influences of patients’ perceived health status, perceived social support, and perceived self-efficacy on HPBs. A sample of 107 patients who came to check up their health at the out-patient department of the Peoples’ Hospital 115, Ho Chi Minh City were recruited by simple random sampling technique. Data collection took place during April to May 2012 by using the demographic questionnaire, general health scale (a subscale of SF36-health survey questionnaire), personal resource questionnaire, self-rated abilities for health practices scale, and health-promoting lifestyle profile II. Percentage, mean, standard deviation, and regression analysis were employed to analyze the data.            It was found that HPBs score was in the moderate level (mean = 2.4; SD+0.33). The highest score of HPBs was nutrition, followed by interpersonal relations, spiritual growth, health responsibility, stress management and physical activity, respectively. Multiple regression analysis indicated that perceived health status, perceived social support, and perceived self-efficacy significantly accounted for 34.8 percent of variance in HPBs (R2= 34.8, p < 0.001). Perceived self-efficacy explained most variance in HPBs (β=0.31, p < 0.01), followed by perceived social support (β=0.27, p < 0.01), and perceived health status (β=0.23, p < 0.01). Results provided a vivid description of HPBs among Vietnamese patients with hypertension. Nursing intervention aimed at enhancing patients’ social support, self-efficacy, and health status were recommended.