Performance managment within the framework of industry related to international and corporate perspectives


  • Sinee Sankrusme


Management, Industrial management


          The world is so full of products and services that compete with one another for market share and the economic profit of companies, that careful examination of the factors that go into a product are the subject of this information. The primary goal of this report is to provide an accurate analysis of the elements, factors and components that comprise performance, and determine how it is managed and controlled. There are several different aspects of this regarding products, which are the combination of materials, technology or processing and various forms of labor or manpower applied to raw materials. For this article however our focus will be on the human factor, which is the activities, attitudes, behavior, and work methods, ethics and levels of skill, ability and achievement that companies manage in personnel. Management skills are learned and acquired over time and thru experience in dealing with people, under a company, through the military, in Government or some form of education.          While it is true some persons have a natural ability to apply some of the qualities of a good manager, such as understanding, perception, have many forms of intuition, are constructive and creative, enthusiastic, can display leadership in many forms, enjoy working with and for people’s good, most of these qualities must be learned of acquired over time. People just have different skills and what some lack others have in abundance, and when working together it is a constant challenge for all people to get along and not be working to the detriment of one another, even they may be working in the same company or division of one together. The various elements of human activity and behavior are the subject of this paper.