Factors Affecting Sustainable Tourism Destination Management in Lawachara National Park, Sylhet, Bangladesh


  • Sabbir Bhuiya
  • Sakchai Setarnawat
  • Petcharut Viriyasuebphong


sustainable tourism, destination management, tourism industry, domestic tourists, Lawachara National Park, STDM, Bangladesh


             This study examined the external and internal factors affecting on sustainable tourism destination management (STDM) in Lawachara National Park (LNP) in Moulvi Bazar, Sylhet, Bangladesh. It is one of the main tourist attractions of Sylhet region. The main aim of the study was to gain knowledge to practice STDM in LNP. Objectives were to examine the external and internal factors that are influencing STDM in LNP and to investigate the level of external & internal factors related to STDM in LNP. Conceptual framework and research hypothesizes showed that external factors like political, economic, socio-culture and technological and internal factors like network management organization, information provider and community brand builder had the relationship with sustainable tourism destination management. The data was collected though a required quantitative way questionnaire with participation of 380 respondents of domestic tourists. Findings showed that factors like political, socio-culture and network management organization comes as negative and less supportive factors to STDM in LNP. The use of advance technology and successful coordination among stakeholders could bring solution for STDM in LNP. Further research on external and internal factors affecting STDM in LNP would bring more result in future.