The Factors Affecting Tourist Decision Making to Bangladesh as the Leisure Destination: A Case Study of Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach


  • Monsur Ahmed
  • Sakchai Setarnawat
  • Petcharut Viriyasuebphong


tourist decision, Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach


          This research examines the tourism components that are affecting Tourists decision making to visit Cox’s Bazar sea beach, Bangladesh. The objectives of the research are 1) to observe the tourism components affecting the tourist decision making to visit Cox’s Bazar sea beach and 2) to examine the relationship between the tourism components and tourist decision making to visit Cox’s Bazar sea beach. The study conceptualized that the components, that is, attraction, accessibility, accommodation, amenity, and activities would affect the tourist at the time of taking decision to visit Cox’s Bazar sea beach. This study followed the quantitative methodology. Questionnaires were used as research tool. Data were collected from the questionnaires with a participation of 385 respondents of domestic tourists who visited Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. According to the developed conceptual framework from the hypotheses were formed. After analyzing the collected data, the researcher found that all the components supported the hypotheses and thus influenced the decision making of the tourists to visit the destination. The future researchers will find the study useful for generating new ideas.