Factors Affecting the Decisions of Foreign Students to Participate in an Exchange Program at Burapha University International College in Thailand


  • Waraporn Theerasak
  • Nuchjaree Pookkaman


Decisions, Foreign Students, Exchange Program, International College, Thailand


The exchange program has emerged as a prevailing trend for foreign students seeking opportunities not readily available in their home countries. Burapha University International College (BUUIC) has hosted a number of foreign students participating in the exchange program for over a decade. In order to optimize its role as a distinguished host institution, this qualitative study principally aims to examine the factors influencing foreign students' decisions to engage in an exchange program at BUUIC in Thailand and to delve into experiences exhibited by the students. Employing a semi-structured interview approach, data were gathered from 36 student participants. The findings indicate that society and culture, affordability, and facilities and services, rank as the foremost factors compelling foreign students to partake in an exchange program at BUUIC. A majority of respondents expounded that their experiences were superlative, bearing immeasurable value and contributing to indelible memories. Furthermore, they conveyed a sense of personal growth, perceiving themselves as having evolved into more refined individuals. The outcomes elucidated in this study offer practical insights for institutions of higher education, colleges, and universities for arranging exchange programs for foreign students.


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