The use of online standardized tests as indicators of English proficiency according to the common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) at the English program of Chonkanyanukoon School, Chon Buri, Thailand


  • Ratima Sinlapachai
  • Janpanit Surasin
  • Raweewan Angkanurakbun


English language - - Examinations, Educational tests and measurements, Online stadardized tests


The purposes of the this study were to investigate whether the Cambridge English Placement Test (CEPT)and the Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT), can provide an accurate indication of Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels, to examine the correlation between the two test score and between the test score and the students’ achievement on English courses, and to explore the stakeholder’ satisfaction towards this testing and their intention on utilizing the test results. The test results and achievement scores collected from 336 student and analyzed using descriptive statistics and the Person Product Moment Correlation coefficient. The qualitative data werecollected from 10 students, three teachers, and an administrator by using semi-structures interviews and analyzed by using coding method. The findings indicated that the CEPT and OOPT did not provide consistent CEFR levels to the test takers; however, there was a positive relationship between the scores from both tests (p=.69 at p<.01). Moreover, the OOPT had a higher correlation with student achievement. The study also found that the students and teachers did not have enough information about the testing and CEFR and there were many factors which affected the scores negatively. Therefore, the Program should consider using other types of measurement to add to the current method and provide more testing related information to the stakeholders.

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