A report on Thai women in senior management positions in Thailand


  • Naramon Pancharoen
  • Jamnean Joungtrakul
  • Brian Sheehan


Women chief executive officers, Leadership in women, Leadership


The significance of this study learns about the lives experiences of Thai female leaders in their successful career achievement focusing on executive positions in business in Thailand In fully discovering the essence of the lived experiences, the phenomenological research methodology was selected to conduct this study by using in-depth interviewing method with 12 executive Thai female. The researcher developed the individual textual descriptions of the contributors using the method and procedures of phenomenological analysis. The textual descriptions represented quotes from each of the participation’s interview transcripts. Overall, the responses given by all interviewees can be classified into 61 themes, 10 categories and 5 clusters emerged from the loved experiences of Thai female executives. The 10 distinguishing categories are as follows: (1) Business Acumen, (2) Experiences (3) Characters, (4) Sentimentalities, (5) Competency; (6) Human Resource Management (HRM) and Development (HRD), (7) Career Growth, (8) Education, (9) Remuneration and (10) Network. In conclusion, the research reported in this dissertation made a significant contribution to our knowledge and provide woman with a roadmap and an equal opportunity to compete, sustain and handle obstacles if their goals are to advance into senior-level positions within any business organizations.

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