Corporate Social Responsibility Manangement of the Selected Industries in Maptaphut Area, Rayong province


  • Patarachai Chariyawetwatana
  • Chalong Tubsree
  • Chalermsri Chantarathong


Corporate Social Responsibility Management, Maptaphut, Rayong, CSR, CSR practices, CSR activities


              Maptaphut, Rayong province is the prime area of industries and tourism, before the industrial era, the local people had lived peacefully and happily, the industries had seriously affected the lives and living. However the industries has helped created the wealth of the country. Providing the alternative for better living for the local people should be the right direction. This qualitative research are to explore the CSR activities done in the selected industries in Maptaphut in the past 20 years as well as the current practices of the CSR activities, reasons for setting up the CSR policies, outcomes of the CSR practices performed by the industrial companies, and proposing guidelines for CSR practices for the industrials that benefit all parties. Constructivism (interpretivist) is the research paradigm in this study. The research participants were 21 people who were top management steering committees and operational personnel of industries with the total of seven persons, seven heads and the operational officers of the provincial units in Rayong, and seven of the community representatives comprising community leaders and community committee members with at least 5 years of work experience in CSR practices. Interview data and document reviews were integrated as data collection instruments to answer the research questions. Data was collected using both in-depth and semi –structured interview techniques. The result of manual coding reported 4 main themes and 16 sub-categories. This paper revealed past CSR practices, current CSR practices, and future CSR practice. The current practices of the CSR activities included: Health activities, Education activities, Socio-Economic activities, Community activities, and Environmental activities. The reasons selected industries set up the CSR policies were to comply with government policies and to support the communities who were environmentally affected by the operation of the industries. The study also proposed CSR management guidelines for Maptaphut in Rayong Province.

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