Perspectives of HR Managers Concerning HRD Professional Practices in Thai Large Private Hospitals in Bangkok for the AEC


  • Krisana Kimlengchiu
  • Watunyoo Suwannaset
  • Paratchanun Charoenarpornwattana


Human Resource Development, HRD professional practices, HRD, Thai large private hospitals, ASEAN Economic Community


            This research aims at understanding perspectives of HR managers in Thai large private hospitals concerning HRD current situations, trends, and roles of the HR departments in ensuring the readiness for the ASEAN Economic Community. The research design is qualitative research. About 12 HR managers having at least 5 years of work experiences in Thai large private hospitals accredited the Certificate of Hospital Accreditation standards for hospitals in Bangkok were participants. Purposive sampling and snowball technique were used to identify the participants. The data collection methods were the combination of semi-structured interviews with audio-recording and documents reviews. To code and categorize the obtained data systematically, ATLAS.ti 6.2 which is the qualitative software for data analysis was executed. This study revealed at least four direct areas the HR departments need focusing. These include, 1) strengthening effective training areas/programs, 2) organizing effective HR activities/interventions, 3) developing organization capacities and 4) carefully identifying groups of Trainees. Five HRD trends were shared--1) introducing new learning channels, 2) analyzing groups of trainees, 3) producing new training programs, 4) managing employees’ performance and 5) Organization Development. This study, also found that the HR departments need to perform the roles of HRD practitioner include, 1) Ensuring the existence of employees’ good quality of work life balance, 2) HRD specialist and 3) Organizational developer.

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