Experiences of Overseas Chinese Graduate Students Studying in International Graduate Programs in a Selected Thai Public University


  • Yang Qian
  • Watunyoo Suwannaset
  • Paratchanun Charoenarpornwattana


Chinese international students, learning difficulties, coping with difficulties


           This study reveals challenges international graduated students face and present what choices they choose in solving their difficulties. This study is a qualitative study applying Phenomenological research strategy. Ten Chinese international students were participants in this study. The participants were enrolled in an international graduate program in a Thai public university in the 2016 academic year. The participants were asked to discuss both living and learning experiences during their time in Thailand. Some of their problem solving techniques were also reviewed. This study followed the steps of data analysis proposed by Moustakas (1994). A qualitative data analysis software called “ATLAS. ti” was used as a data analysis tool in coding and categorising the obtained data.According to the findings, four learning difficultiesregarding 1) understanding of English, 2) personal issues, 3) different education modes, and 4) academic problems were reported. Furthermore, the students uncovered three challenges in living in Thailand. These included 1)languages for communication, 2) culture differences, and 3) individual issues.In order to overcome the learning and living difficulties, three learning techniques– 1) getting help from other people, 2) obtaining information online, and 3) self-improvement were their solutions. Four adaptation techniques to ensure their living comfort were 1) getting some consultations from other people, 2) adapting themselves to the new culture, 3) making a self-improvement and expanding social acquaintances. It was the belief of Chinese students that they would enjoy their study more if the university could ensure that teachers apply more interesting teaching techniques in their teaching, offer some English and Thai training programs for living and learning, as well as using some learning motivation techniques.

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