Preservice Teacher’s Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Lesson Study


  • Sudatip Hancherngchai
  • Julaluk Jai-On
  • Wipaporn Suttiamporn


Pedagogical content knowledge, Lesson Study, Preservice teacher


          Pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) forms a knowledge base for teachers, guiding their decisions and actions in classrooms (Ball et al., 2008). Lesson study is processes for teacher professional development including collaboratively planning, doing and seeing (Inprasitha, 2010). This study was analysed preservice teacher’s PCK in lesson study context. Data were collected by recording video tape and audio tape in classroom and were analysed by protocol analysis. The result revealed that; the first phase, preservice teacher and lesson study team created mathematics problem situations, flow of lessons, materials and anticipated students’ ideas and difficulties. The second phase, preservice teacher collected, ordered and discussed students’ ideas in classroom and then summarized the lesson through these ideas. Moreover, she decided to paused some ideas that quite difficult for others. And the third phase, preservice reflected to students’ ideas and difficulties, sequences of lessons, materials and so on.

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