Cable TV Employee Motivation Approach: A Case Study at Bowin Cable TV


  • Soraya Puree
  • Anong Wisessuwan
  • Chalong Tubsree


motivation, approach, effectiveness, reward, salesperson, cable TV


          The purposes of the study were emphasized to study the current employees motivational approaches employed at Bowin Cable city Co., Ltd (CVTV) and how those motivational factors affect performance employees at CVTV. Furthermore, this study also contributes the new motivational approaches to be carried CVTV. For developing research instrument, the researcher collected the quantitative data by interviewing then classified and summarized the motivational factors found in CVTV into ten characteristics of motivational factors. The population for this study is 35 employees at Bowin Cable city Co., Ltd. The finding investigated that CVTV mainly implemented commission and bonus as the motivation method. There are five of ten motivational characteristic that affect employee’s performance. It has found salary had the strongest positive relationship with job performance of CVTV’s employee, followed work itself, growth and advancement, recognition, and supervision. From the results, the company should focus on the improving of commission system and job responsibilities of sale teams

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