Human Resource Development’s Role in Sufficiency Economy Philosophy to be Professional


  • Khewika Sukiam


HRD’s role, Sufficiency Economic Philosophy, Professional


          This paper discusses the concept of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the King of Thailand, acting in the role of Human Resource Development (HRD) based on his well known sufficiency economy philosophy for community development. Qualitative research was used in this paper. The benefits of an HRD role in a Sufficiency Economy of Community Development will focus on strength and opportunity. Nothing is stable but only the Sufficiency Economy is sustainable because at present, the world is always changing rapidly. However, sustainability is the most solid point because its success can be demonstrated everywhere and all the time. The strength and opportunity of the HRD role is portrayed by His Majesty, who is the head of state and the head of the armed forces as well as being the upholder of all that is religious, sacred and inviolable in oneself. His Majesty the King’s sovereign power emanates from the people and is exercised in three ways - namely, legislative power through the National Assembly, executive power through the cabinet and judicial power through the law courts. Combine HRD’s role and sufficiency economy will be HRD professional in an organization.

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