Supplier Evaluation and Selection for IT Service Group using the Analytic Hierarchy Process


  • Kunyaluk Nuchprayoon
  • Chayathach Phuaksaman


Evaluation and Selection Supplier, AHP, IT service


          Good suppliers and suppliers can create a competitive advantage for the IT business, therefore, the issue of evaluation and selection of suppliers from whom you purchase goods, is vitally important. Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is used to evaluate and select the best IT suppliers because all IT products are essential to the overall system performance. In this article, the hierarchical chart was compiled after the calculation of the diagnostic value from the questionnaire with Microsoft Excel. All five were A, B, C, D and E. The results showed that the weight of all the criteria considered D has the highest score of0.2862, the second is B, 0.2445, the third is A, 0.1686, and the fourth is C, 0.1598, the last is E, the value is 0.1408, respectively. It is considered to be the best supplier and distributor of IT equipment for this case study. From the eight criteria used for evaluation and selection, it can be classified as the most important, the overall quality criterion, cost of IT equipment procurement, delivery, the technical performance, reliability, flexibility, communication, and the least corporate social responsibility. This is the main product of the case study for the four remaining criteria and consisting of two sub-criteria for flexibility consist of ability to procure urgent goods, capability to change order quantity. And the sub-criteria of corporate social responsibility consist of non-hazardous materials and pollution control. This study focuses on Most Quality the results of the study should help suppliers to understand how to develop a product that meets the criteria or requirements of a case study. They can also apply and develop products to work with other products of case studies. It also creates and develops relationships with upstream and downstream areas.

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