Consulting Services Needed for Chinese Investors to Develop Business in Rayong Province, Thailand


  • Ju Yunyi
  • Nart Nontasak
  • Ronald Markwardt


Chinese Investment, Consulting Services, Cultural Relation, Future Business Development


          The author of this study investigated the needs for consulting services by Chinese investment in Rayong province, Thailand. The two research questions were: What are the perceptions of Chinese investors in Rayong province regarding four of consulting services needed for business development specifically: 1) Cultural Relations, 2) Future Business Development, 3) Creative Economy Business, and 4) System Development? Second, what is the scope of consulting services needed for Chinese investors to develop Chinese business in Rayong Province? The quantitative aspect of study sampled 36 Chinese investors from Bangkok, Chonburi and Rayong. Structured interviews were also assigned to 8 Thai and Chinese business experts in order to answer the research questions and respond to the objectives. Of the consulting services needed for business development. System Development rank highest, followed by Creative Economy Business and Future Business Development. Cultural Relations ranked least important. The respondents also felt they needed consulting service about business law, language services, policy of investment of the Thai government, local environment and the trend of future policy of the Thai government. Most think that IT management and logistic services have good development potential.

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