Analysis of Chinese Talent Management Strategy: Emphasis on Cao Cao’s Competencies from Records of Three Kingdoms


  • Lu Kuicheng
  • Chalong Tubsree
  • Surin Intayot


Talent Management Strategy, Human Resource Development, HRD, Record of Three Kingdoms, Cao Cao.


          The objectives of this study were to explore how the leadership attributes of Cao Cao attracted talent, retained the talents, and the method of talent management according to the Three Kingdoms approach. This research used mixed methods for the study. The researcher used document analysis and content analysis for the qualitative part. The researcher read the Records of the Three Kingdoms. The researcher studied and analyzed the leadership attributes of Cao Cao; how did Cao Cao attract talents; how did Cao Cao retain talent at the end of Eastern Han Dynasty. The researcher designed a questionnaire based on the results of the qualitative part. This questionnaire was used for current managers in Qingdao City. The results show the leadership attributes are foresightedness, strategic planning, conscientiousness, strong cognitive ability, and good management skills. The company and organization that wants to attract and retain talent should have a leader that is good at identifying and using the talents; good at emotional control; understands how and when to reward and punishment; creates a good reputation; provides good and clear career paths; assures justice and mercy; and utilizes good payment.

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