Competencies Needed for Career Growth of the Young Chinese to Work for Transnational Companies Investing in Chonburi Province, Thailand


  • Li Zhuoheng
  • Nart Nontasak
  • Ronald Markwardt


Young Chinese, Competency, Career Growth, Transnational Companies


          This study investigated and ranked competencies needed for the young Chinese who are planning to be professionals in transnational companies investing in Thailand. In order to respond to the objectives, the researcher employed the Iceberg Model of Competency and a quantitative approach by using structured interviews of 9 senior committee members of The Thai Chinese Association and questionnaire of 73 committee members of The Thai Chinese Association. The investigation revealed that the general competencies which the young Chinese who want to work for transnational companies investing in Chonburi Province are expected to have. These are: 1) the skills in communication, information technology, leadership and teamwork, 2) the knowledge in studying culture of other countries, 3) developing positive attitudes and high responsibilities and 4) maintaining self-motivation in working under pressure. The results also indicated that the rank of importance for needed competencies of young Chinese, from more to less were: 1) positive attitude, 2) good communication and interpersonal skill, 3) self-motivation, 4) studying culture of other countries, 5) high responsibilities and 6) working under pressure.

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