Emerging NHRD in Transitioning Myanmar


  • Zaw Naing


National Human Resource Development, NHRD, NHRD Case Study, NHRD policy, Myanmar, NHRD in transitioning economies


          The purpose of this study is to explore the emerging national human resource development (NHRD) in transitioning Myanmar. This exploratory research has been done through case study method synthesizing the literature and document reviews, interviews and focus group discussions with key stakeholders, outlining and checking the perspectives of NHRD, current NHRD practices and policies, driving forces of NHRD in transition period of Myanmar, and the challenges. National Human Resource Development (NHRD) in transitioning Myanmar has various stakeholders and driving forces, defining its environment and system, in a dynamic fashion. There are progressive developments and opportunities for growing but coupling with the challenges as well. It is important to develop the conceptual framework, and then strategies and plans for the future sustainable development of the national human resource and then consequently the comprehensive socio-economic development of the country. Myanmar needs to grasp the chances of taking the population bonus advantage and population divide by investing in education and skills development in emerging youth bulge. It is also important to attract the Myanmar migrants abroad or ‘Myanmar Diaspora’ to come back to Myanmar, to participate in the development efforts with the accumulated knowledge, experience, skills and financial resources, to grow together. This must be properly carried out with right scheme and motivational incentives at the point of sufficient economic growth. A proposed NHRD model for transitioning Myanmar and the recommendations for effective and efficient contributions of NHRD to the sustainable development of Myanmar has been laid out.

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