Problems of Policy Implementation at Thai Border Schools in the ASEAN Community Context: Reflections from Teachers as Practitioners


  • Ampa Kaewkumkong
  • Ke Sen


Problems, Policy implementation, Thai border school, ASEAN Community, Teacher as a practitioner


           The Thai government launched an emerging border school policy in 2010 concomitant with the inception of the ASEAN Community. The policy considered national and international circumstances and aimed particularly at establishing close cooperation among neighboring countries. This paper aims to investigate the problems of border school policy implementation in regards to the dimensions of personnel recruitment and preparation at pilot schools situated along border areas between Thailand and Cambodia in order to understand the actual conditions based on local implementers perceptions. The research applied a descriptive mixed-method strategy that employed both qualitative and quantitative research design. The methodology, therefore, included documentary analyses, interviews, observation, and a questionnaire survey. The findings revealed that there were problematic issues in terms of implementer preparation and practice at both the central and local level. The major issues were a shortage of personnel assigned to run the program at both levels, a lack of personnel capacity at the local level, and a coordination gap between state officers, supervisors, and teachers. Another important outcome was developing an initiative to expand the cooperation between Thai and Cambodian schools and clarifying border school policy requirements.

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