Application of Motivation Theory to Build Team Dynamics: The Selection of the Need-to Achieve Theory


  • Suraporn Onputtha
  • Krisada Chienwattanasook


Motivation, Need-to-Achieve Theory, Team Dynamics Building, Teamwork


            Motivating members in the team is a challenging task for the organization because the motivation can affect an overall organization’s productivity. However, the performance of motivating members in the team will be either effective or ineffective depends upon an implementation of appropriate strategy and motivation process. The organization should always recognize that all team members have different needs according to their individual characteristics, needs, experiences, financial situations, family backgrounds and others. Therefore, in the same organization, same department or same position there will be differences. Consequently, the organization must pay attention and study how each member in the team is motivated to perform his or her job efficiently. Also, the organization should now change their critical role from being only controller or commander to advisor or consultant so that everyone in the team and organization can fully perform their task with their highest potentials. The need-to-achieve theory was selected in this article since it can explain the need of all human. As a result, the organization will have a good team dynamic and generate the effectiveness to the organization and, at the end, can gain competitive advantage.

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