Factors Influencing Online Shopping Behaviors: The Case Study of HUAWEI Mobile Products


  • Zhong Jiacheng
  • Surachai Traiwannakij
  • Prattana Srisuk


online shopping, HUAWEI mobile, Chinese consumer behavior, Marketing Mix 7Ps


          Recently, online shopping has been a lifestyle, and more and more people are engaged in online shopping. Therefore, it is very necessary to research consumer behavior in online shopping. By taking HUAWEI mobile phones as an example, several factors affecting consumers' online shopping behaviors were analyzed in this report from perspectives of marketing mix (7Ps), lifestyle and personal technology knowledge. The data were collected by online questionnaire survey on groups who had purchased HUAWEI mobile phones on the internet. A quantitative survey method was used in this research. A questionnaire was used as a data collection tools. The statistics used in the data collection were t-test, one way ANOVA, correlation analysis and regression analysis. The research showed that based on demographics, men aged 26 to 33 are more likely to buy HUAWEI phones online, government workers are most likely to buy the phones. In terms of personal lifestyle, the research found that those who prefer to stay home are more willing to buy HUAWEI phones online and more likely to use online payment. According to online shopping and marketing mix 7Ps, the factors of product and price have the most effect on online shopping consumption intention. As for the personal technical knowledge, online shopping technology is the most important.

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