Perceived Organizational Support and Employee Innovation Behavior Based on Intermediary Role of Multiple Identities


  • Shuting Wen


organization identity, perceived organizational support, team identity, occupational identity, relationship identity, employee innovation behavior


          Based on social exchange theory and studied with the perspective of social identification, this article analyzes the innovation of the Internet company employees in China, which attempts to reveal the relationship between them and the multiple identification and organizational commitment in companies. After a questionnaire and SEM analysis administrated to 634 employees from different Internet companies, it shows that there is diverse identification in organizations. Organizational identity, relationship identity, and professional identity play a mediating role between organizational innovation support and employee innovation behavior. The results of data analysis show that perceived organizational support for innovation promotes employee innovation behavior; the three identities play a proven mediating role between perceived organizational support for innovation and employee innovation behavior; occupational identity is the bottom line of multiple identities, playing a regulating role in employee innovation behavior. Given a high sense of occupational identity, perceived organizational support for innovation plays its due role in promoting innovation behavior by making employees identify with the organization.

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