Trust Creation in Cross Cultural Environment of Indian Companies in Manufacturing Sector in Thailand


  • Vinod Kumar Singh
  • Chalong Tubsree
  • Saratid Sakulkoo


Trust, Culture, Cross Culture, Indian Company, Experience, Perception


          Trust among employees and the manage is one of the factors that leads to the success of a company, specifically the trust between the management and the employees who are from different cultures. The purposes of this study were to: find the factors which affect trust in cross cultural environment of Indian companies in a manufacturing sector in Thailand among employees of different nationalities (Thai, Indian, Myanmar and others), find the potential avenues which create mistrust, and the measures which can help build the existing level of trust for an effective utilization of existing human capital for economic, social and business advantage. A mixed method strategy was used to discover various dimensions relevant for the organization and potential redressed the issue of strengthening trust building in cross cultural environment of Indian companies operating in Thailand. The study results revealed the factors leading to the mistrust as follows: 1 communication process within Organizations involving Thai, Indian and other nationals, 2 employees experience while working in the organization, 3 language barrier at the workplace, 4 cultural factors and varying beliefs due to own social upbringing, and 5 discriminating factors those can lead to mistrust in the company. The study brought a realistic assessment of trust deficit based on inputs from employees across various levels and possible ways of nurturing the trust and eliminating the avenues for creating mistrust.

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