Developing a Training Module to Improve Initial ELT Proficiency among Student-teachers in Multi-ethnic Community Schools


  • Youxing Xiao
  • Janpanit Surasin
  • Denchai Prabjandee


professional development, ADDIEM training process, initial ELT proficiency


          The purposes of the study were to investigate the current student-teachers’ professional development, to develop a training module to improve their ELT proficiencies and to determine its effectiveness. The mixed methods research of the convergent parallel design was applied by using the quantitative and qualitative research and data, such as questionnaires, pre-test and post-test, interviews, class observations, reflective notes, audio-visual materials, and training-related documents. In order to answer the research questions and keep a close consistence with the research design, the proposed ADDIEM Training Module was developed to run through the whole training process within six different phases which constituted of this complete training process. The training program was highly accepted by the effectiveness of great benefit and satisfactory from the current student-teachers’ feedbacks, and the specific improvements were discussed and the constructive recommendations were identified in the study.

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