A Phenomenological Exploration of Intercultural Leadership Experienced by Chinese Expatriates in Thailand


  • Qin Yi


Phenomenological Exploration, Intercultural Leadership, Chinese expatriates


The emergence of the stateless corporation and the increasingly interdependencies among the world’s economies mean that leaders today are constantly exposed to different cultures with different lifestyles. This has resulted in the recognition of different management and leadership practices and a growing understanding of the importance of intercultural leadership. This study focused its attention on the essential meanings of intercultural leadership experiences through the perspective of Chinese expatriate leaders in Thailand. In investigating the essence of the lived experience, a qualitative research strategy was employed, based on the philosophical underpinnings and methods of phenomenology. The results are systematically organized into nine themes which are classified into three categories: response to a new environment, nature of intercultural interaction, and learning to lead. The study contributes to help create a better understanding of intercultural leadership which may help global organizations that utilize international assignments, as well as the organizations, educational institutions, and HRD professionals who are responsible for career planning programs. It also provides perspectives for actual or potential expatriates to consider.

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