Estimation of mercury transport and accumulation from an incinerator


  • Nares Chuersuwan
  • Subuntith Mekekhayai.


Mercury, Air, Pollution, Gaussian distribution


          Mercury concentrations in the air, soil, and sediment-water were estimated to determine the levels of mercury that might be present in the envirsonmental media within 5 km of an incinerator in New Jersey. Gaussian dispersion equation was used as a basic tool for estimating mercury concentrations in the air. Universal loss equation, atmospheric deposition (wet and dry) and accumulation equations were used to calculate mercury concentrations in soil, and sediment-water.          Estimated high-ground level concentration of mercury in the air was about 28 ng/m3under D-stability, which is slightly higher than the average in the U.S. (2-20 ng/m3) due to the result of near-source calculations (5 km). Mercury in soil and sediment, regardless background concentration, were approximately 0.37 and 0.33 mg/kg, respectively, which is high comparing to another county soil samples.