An Evaluation of Cambodian English Language Pre-Service Teacher Training Program at National Institute of Education in Cambodia


  • Khleang Sovann
  • Montien Chomdokmai


Program evaluation, EFL Pre-service teacher training, Teacher education, National institute of education, Cambodia


ABSTRACT           This study aimed to; (1) evaluate the effectiveness of the Cambodian English Language Pre-service Teacher Training Program (CEL-PTTP) at the National Institute of Education (NIE), and (2) propose appropriate guidelines to improve the CEL-PTTP. The study was based on Kirkpatrick and Kirkpatrick’s (2006) four-level model of training evaluation. The quantitative data were collected from 89 teacher trainees using an English standardized test, a Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT), and a self-administered questionnaire, and were analyzed by descriptive statistics, while the qualitative data were collected from 5 teacher trainers, and 2 administrators through a semi-structured interview, and were analyzed by qualitative content analysis. The findings revealed that the CEL-PTTP was effective tosome extent; that is, the trainees’ reaction toward the CEL-PTTP was at “Neutral” level. The trainees’ knowledge and skill were at “Average” level, while their attitude was changed positively. This meant that trainees’ learning level was slightly improved and their behavior was positively changed to some extent. The Cambodian upper secondary schools gained some benefits from the CEL-PTTP. Another finding suggested four dimensions as the proposed guidelines for the NIE’s management team to consider when planning and conducting the CEL-PTTP in the following years. The four dimensions are: (1) Improving Learning Environment, (2) Upgrading Training Resources, (3) Improving Training Curriculum, and (4) Enhancing Program Management. 

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