Training-related Factors Play an Important Role in Transfer of Learning


  • Zainon Mat Sharif
  • Syed Nurulakla Abdullah
  • Mohd Yusof Mardi


Transfer of learning, Training-related factors


ABSTRACT            The main objective of this study was to determine the effect of training-related factors on transfer of learning. The study employed a one-group pretest-posttest design using a sample of 205 participants who had earlier attended the oil palm fresh fruit bunches grading training program. Using questionnaires, three sets of data (before training, immediately after training and ten months after training) were obtained in Malaysia. The study revealed that there is a convincing relationship between training-related factors and transfer of learning. The main reasons the training-related factors influenced transfer of learning were attributable to principles of meaningfulness and feedback cues. As a result, it can be deduced that training-related factors variables explain 58.5% of the variance that is reflected in the transfer of learning. The overall findings revealed that the training-related factors did play a significant role in transfer of learning.

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