A Study of Employee Satisfaction in the Agricultural Bank of China in Tengzhou City, China


  • Cao Bin
  • Suriyan Nontasak


Employee satisfaction, Leadership style, Agricultural bank of China


ABSTRACT           China is undergoing an historic economic and cultural transformation as it emerges as one of the largest consumer markets in the world. With the opening up of China’s financial industry, competition is growing vigorously in the banking industry, talented people change jobs very frequently, and each bank competes to recruit and retain talented people. For historical reasons, China’s domestic banks’HRM policies are lagging behind other countries, and they do not really understand the psychological and social needs of employees. The majority of staff faces much stress and their job satisfaction is low. The purpose of this study was to form an understanding of employee satisfaction in the Agricultural Bank of China in Tengzhou city A quantitative research approach was applied to answering the research questions proposed for this study. A total of 103 employees’ questionnaire responses from 26 branches of the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) were analyzed. The main findings of this study were that employees were moderately satisfied with the Agricultural Bank of China, that participative leadership was more welcomed by employees and that employees liked more involvement in the Bank.

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