An Investigation of Human Resource Consultants Services in Multinational Companies in Thailand


  • Lei Dai
  • Chalong Tubsree
  • Saratid Sakulkoo


Human resource consulting service, Human resource consultant, Multinational company, HRD consulting


ABSTRACT             Today multinational companies (MNCs) face some challenges in their Human Resource (HR) strategies, policies and practices. Some studies have found that building relationships between firms and HR consultants benefits the HR system’s work. However, HR consulting is at the early stage of development in Thailand, it has problems of its own, and not much is known about HR consulting services. This research study aimed to investigate the current services that HR consultants provide to MNCs in Thailand, and to study the practices of HR consultants in MNCs in Thailand. A qualitative research method was chosen and employed for this study. During the data collection, document content analysis and in-depth interviews were conducted to gain detailed information from different individuals. For the data analysis, manual coding including the process of initial coding and categorization was used to interpret the qualitative data. The research findings emerged from the 12 selected participants who were HR consultants and clients of HR consulting. The results of the study revealed that HR consultants provide HR consulting service to MNCs in Thailand through five main specialties: (1) HR transformation, (2) Strategic change & organizational development, (3) Talent management and rewards, (4) Technology adoption, and (5) Labor relations. The results of this study also highlighted the current consulting process, factors relating to the consulting results, and deficiencies of HR consulting in Thailand. Finally, this study summarized the functions, necessary skills, knowledge and qualities of qualified HR consultants. 

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