The Role of Teachers in Guidance Services for Education Reform in Thailand


  • Piyawan Visessuvanapoom
  • Suwimon Wongwanit


Thailand education reform policy, Thailand guidance service, Thailand Human Resource Development, Teacher efficacy


ABSTRACT            This article presents conditions of guidance services in Thailand and the role of teachers in guidance services for education reform. The aims of this study were to examine current conditions of school guidance services, the attitudes of teachers to delivering guidance services and their selfefficacy for providing guidance services. Participants were 474 teachers across the country. The results demonstrate that most participants provide students with various guidance services, such as an individual inventory service, an information service, a counseling service, a vocational and career guidance service, a follow-up service, as well as student development activities. Moreover, most of them perceived a significant role for guidance services in which they had high self-efficacy for delivering these services to students. Findings from this study indicate a positive sign for the Thai education reform. A majority of participants have followed the policies of the Ministry of Education which requires schools to provide students with guidance services. However, most participantsreported that they receive inadequate training in how to demonstrate guidance services. This study, therefore, suggests that providing teachers with the appropriate training should help increase their capability and confidence in delivering the guidance services to students.

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