The Leadership Competencies Model of Private Hospital Directors in Thailand


  • Nawasanan Wongprasit


Leadership competency, Hospital director, Private hospital


ABSTRACT           This study investigated the leadership competencies and priorities of 30 private hospital directors, and proposed a leadership competencies model for private hospital directors in Thailand. It used a qualitative research methodology with grounded theory strategy. Data were collected through theoretical sampling using a snowball technique. The data were gathered through in-depth interviews to generate the categories of leadership competencies. The results of this study supported the relevance of important leadership competencies, producing 26 competencies categorized into 6 dimensions: 1) Individual, 2) Management, 3) People, 4) Medicine, 5) Sense of balanced management, and 6) Direction. The findings were presented in a conceptual framework of a Leadership Competencies Model of Private Hospital Directors in Thailand. This model is proposed as a tentative interpretation of the findings. There are theoretical implications and practical implications from this study .The recommendations are that further research should be conducted in the other functions of HR, such as career development (CD), and should focus on the development of competency dimension comparisons of those hospital directors who are MDs and non-MDs.

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