Experience of Prominent Academic Researchers in Thai Public Universities


  • Wornchanok Chaiyasoonthorn
  • Jamnean Joungtrakul
  • Brian Sheehan


Prominent academic researchers, Motivation, Research performance, Phenomenology, Thai public universities


ABSTRACT            Academic researchers are important for Thailand. This research aimed at understanding how academic researchers become prominent academic researchers and what motivates academics to become prominent academic researchers. Transcendental phenomenology is employed to answer the research questions. 12 prominent academic researchers were interviewed and Atlas.ti 7.0 was used to analyze the information. The findings showed that there were 55 themes, 14 categories, and 5 clusters emerging from experiences of prominent academic researchers. The 14 categories were: (1) Goals, (2) Planning, (3) Action, (4) Relationships, (5) Supporting, (6) Thai academic leadership, (7) Ethics, (8) Pressure, (9) Ability to learn, (10) Determination, (11) The love of what they are doing, (12) Background of experience, (13) Communication skills, and (14) Overcoming Limitations. These categories were then classified into 5 clusters as follows: (1) Ability and skills, (2) Habits, (3) Motivation, (4) Network, and (5) Overcoming limitations. Limitations and discussion are addressed in this article.

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