The Extension of Social Insurance Coverage to Informal workers


  • Pratan Thavorn
  • Suriyan Nontasak
  • Chalong Tubsree


Informal worker, Social insurance, Social security


ABSTRACT            The purposes of this study were to investigate the reasons for informal workers to register for social insurance and to suggest the modification of the existing components of the social insurance coverage system. This study used a mixed methods research approach. In the qualitative research part, the researcher collected data to learn the reasons that informal workers register or do not register for social insurance, suggesting modifications of the existing components of social insurance with an indepth interview. The researcher interviewed seven participants, including agriculturists, self-employed persons, builders, home-workers, drivers and skilled workers. Then, the researcher collected data to suggest modifications of the existing components of the social insurance service by interviewing nine participants from government social security officers from Songkhla, NongBuaLumPhu, Chiang Mai and Sisaket provinces and the Social Office Area 7in Bangkok. The quantitative research had 88 participants who were the Directors of Provincial Social Security, the Directors of Social Security Area and the government officers who worked for insured persons, according to Article 40, to evaluate and suggested modifications. The study revealed that the reasons that the informal workers registered to be insured persons according to Article 40 were: they agreed with the conditions and perceived benefits of the social insurance, the contribution payment rate was low, payment was easy to make and free of charge. The reason that the informal workers did not register to be insured persons were that they were more than 60 years old and they did not have a clear understanding of the benefits of social insurance. The components of social insurance covered for informal workers to be added were a marketing promotion and information technology. Social insurance for informal workers was proposed to cover workers not older than 65 years of age. 

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