Leadership Competencies Model for Middle Managers in Multinational Companies of the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate, Thailand


  • Phra Paramat Paramattho
  • Chalermwong Vajanasoontorn
  • Chalong Tubsree


Competencies, Leadership competencies, Leadership, Middle managers, Multinational companies, Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate


ABSTRACT             The purposes of this study were to investigate and construct the model of leadership competencies for the middle managers in the multinational companies of Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate of Thailand. The researcher used a mixed method model for the study, starting with a qualitative data collection using in-depth interview 16 HR experts and middle managers. For the quantitative part, questionnaire was used for the tool of data collection. There were 671 sets of questionnaire which were distributed to Thai HR experts and general managers to assure the competencies and the model. The findings of the Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) revealed that the competency model consisted of 8 important leadership competencies, they were: 1.Team Management and Development, 2. People Management and Development, 3.Leadership and Communication, 4. Strategic Thinking, 5. Innovation, 6. Business Acumen, 7. Strategic Planning, and 8. Networking. The developed model of this study is suggested to be a valuable tool for determining the leadership competencies for middle managers in the multinational companies of Thailand

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