Group Leadership and Corporate Leadership as Perceived by Employees in Selected Import-Export Companies in Kunming, Yunnan, China


  • Dong Ya juan
  • Suriyan Nontasak


Group leadership, Corporate leadership, Import and Export Company in China


ABSTRACT            With the increasing development of business in China, import and export companies play a very important role for developing of China economy. Leadership is an important function of management which helps to maximize efficiency and to achieve organizational goals. However, compared with advanced foreign enterprises, domestic enterprises leadership development in the city of Kunming, China started rather late. This study was trying to explicate the development of group leadership and corporate leadership from the employees’ perspectives in import and export companies in Kunming, China, and compare the difference in the area of group leadership and corporate leadership in two import and export companies. A five-scale questionnaire was used to collect data as perceived by employees working with their supervisors on group leadership as well as corporate leadership. The data collected was analyzed through correlation analyses. The study covered 122 participants employed in Yunnan Emerald Essence Ltd (company A) and Ostring Centre Imp & Exp Trading Co., Ltd (company B) in China. The study could be used to help supervisors understand and improve group leadership ability and professional development in these two companies and the findings might be beneficial to other supervisors who work in these kinds of companies. The finding results it could be revealed that there was no significant difference between company A and company B in the area of group leadership. There was no significant difference between company A and company B in the area of corporate leadership.

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