Consulting Services for International Trade Needed by Chinese Family Businesses in Chon Buri Province


  • Sun Yu
  • Suriyan Nontasak
  • Ronald A Markwardt


Consulting service, International trade, Chinese family businesses, Chon Buri province


ABSTRACT              The purpose of this study was to investigate the needs of Chinese family businesses in Chon Buri Province for consulting services related to international trade in Asia and the Pacific. A sample of 55 respondents comprising of 25 mainland Chinese successful family businesses and 30 Taiwanese successful family businesses from Banbueng District in Chon Buri province was selected to collect data for the study. Data were analyzed using SPSS software to identify the degree of acceptance perceived by general managers on the needs of Chinese family business. The t test was utilized to analyze the differences of perceptions expressed by Taiwanese and Chinese owners of business towards consulting services. The study revealed that, the needs of Chinese family businesses planning for international trade were to pay attention to the management of (1) business development; (2) decision making; and the general guidelines were: (1) empowering employees to manage their own work; (2) revising the financial management system among personal, family, and business;  (3) reviewing management process to support family business to meet the goals. For the needs of education and training, Chinese family business had to focus on gaining professional training in areas of finance, strategic planning, marketing, operations, laws and regulations, etc. When comparing the perception between Chinese and Taiwanese successful family business, it was found that there was no significant difference between the perceptions of the two groups.

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