Activities of Teachers Using Group Leadership for Thinking Skills Development in Two Schools in Chon Buri Province, Thailand


  • Zhang Cai Ping
  • Suriyan Nontasak
  • Ronald A. Markwardt


Group leadership, Performances, Active teachers, Botanical model of organization, Thinking skills


ABSTRACT               The purposes of this study were to investigate the performance of active teachers in two selected schools of Chon Buri province and investigate a process of school development based on group leadership. In order to achieve the research objectives, the researcher utilized a quantitative method to survey opinions of active teachers on their knowledge about performance of teachers in selected schools on group leadership development and asked them to evaluate how to utilize group leadership to develop thinking schools. Rating scale questionnaires were given to 30 active teachers of School C and 25 active teachers of School M. The findings revealed that the active teachers of School C claimed a higher level of agreement to the four areas of performances (challenging tasks, creative group works, and resource management and thinking skills development) than active teachers of school M. the Botanical Model of organizational structure was effectively utilized to represent the school structure for thinking skills development and school growth.

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