Design of an English Speaking Skills Development Course for Second Language Learners


  • Declan M. J. Barlow
  • Anong Wisessuwan
  • Chalong Tubsree


Attitudes, Communication strategies, Drama, Effective, Efficient, Fluency


ABSTRACT             This was a research and development (R&D) study that set out to identify a way to help develop English speaking skills of second language learners in a second language learning context. This study analyzed and defined speaking in a way which differentiates it from other language skills and areas, so that it can be effectively developed. The researcher concluded that the most appropriate fluency development tasks of a speaking skills course needed for a second language learning context are drama, role plays, simulation and improvisation under the general term of ‘Drama’, where the speaking tasks are varied a lot and are ideal for classes or groups of learners of mixed levels. The researcher also concluded that an English speaking skills development course in a second language learning context using fluency development tasks under the term ‘Drama’ comprises a range of activities, where the teacher has many opportunities to ‘fine tune’ the activities to the learners’ levels, and the speaking activities are themselves task-based, preparing second language learners for real life situations, focusing on meanings first. These are relevant to the learners using authentic English, as social interaction is highly effective in developing speaking skills geared towards fluency for second language learners. This article also outlines a task-based activity drama program with example course schedules, objectives and activities for a second language learning context for the development of second language learner speaking skills geared towards fluency.

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