Human resource development in global social entrepreneurship


  • Jan-U Sandal


Human resources development, Human capital, Social entrepreneurship, HRD.


            The individual who carries out an innovation on the market is called a business entrepreneur  or a social entrepreneur if the innovation is directed towards a change in the social sector of any society. The entrepreneur does not represent anything else or anybody else other than his own process and person. Any individual in almost any society could, theoretically speaking, take on the role as an entrepreneur. However, the activity must be based on an innovation. Not every product or service which are introduced in the market, are innovation-based. The novelty must represent a new combination of the two input factors Land and Labor and canalize an entrepreneurial profit to the entrepreneur. Successful social entrepreneurship has the potential of transforming the society in a democratic way. The roles of politics and governments are limited in the process of innovation and social entrepreneurship. That is true when it comes to the roles of universities and organizations as well. It seems that the only player of significance in social entrepreneurship is the single independent individual. The social entrepreneurs manage well without any interferences. The role of human resource development is not of less importance, but it`s methods and goals in connection with social entrepreneurship globally must be analyzed and discussed in the light of independent andinternational science.

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