A devlopment of students english writing skills by using social network services


  • Patumporn Boonchum


Writing, English language, Study and teaching, Social networks


        This study investigated 1) a development of students’ English writing skills by using social network services and 2) students’ satisfaction of writing English by using social network services. The participants of the study were the second year students studying in an English major at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University. This study was mixed methods; quantitative and qualitative. There were thirty students selected by random sampling who were the sample group. The research instrument was pre-test and post-test investigating of students’ improvement in the skill of writing English. Also, there was a questionnaire designed to find out the students’ satisfaction after participation in the activity of writing English by using social network services. The data in the study were analyzed by mean score (X), standard deviation (S.D.) and t-test. The results of the study found that the students could significantly improve their skills of English writing particularly in basic sentences. This can indicate that students had more basic knowledge of writing English. Additionally, most students in the study were satisfied with learning English to a greater level after participation in the activity. Most students felt appreciation in their participation with writing English by e-mail or any other social network services because it is not as stressful as learning in class and surfing the internet or using e-mail and social network services in their daily lives.

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