An investigation of the academic elderly rationale and qualifications to work after retirement: A case study at Silpakorn University


  • Khewika Sukiam
  • Noppadol Prammanee
  • Chalong Tubsree


Silpakorn University, Retirement, Older people, Expectation, Psychology


        The purposes of this study are to investigate the reasons why elderly who retire from one academic institution wish or do not wish to pursue their careers after retirement, and what qualifications, perspectives, and experiences they need in order to do so. Moreover, the purpose of this research is also to ascertain what is expected of elderly academics in general. Research questions were set Why do elderly teachers who have reached retirement age in an academic institution wish to pursue their careers after retirement?, 2) Why do elderly teachers who have reached retirement age in an academic institution not wish to continue to work after retirement? and 3) What are the perspectives of those who are working that contribute to the academic field?            Constructivism paradigm and socially constructed knowledge are used in this research. This research is a qualitative research by case study which explains about the process of conducting the research and the knowledge from it. In-depth data collection and open-ended interviews are used, as a result it is important to describe and explain everything in detail in this research.             All the data from the interviews were coded and divided into 10 themes They are pride, personal character, features of good teacher, elderly character, reasons for teaching, impact of technology, reasons for not teaching, motivation and inspiration, types of teacher, and duties and function of a lecturer. 

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