Needs of employees at Nanning Admiral City Mall in China


  • Lao Xiaoqin
  • Anong Wisessuwan
  • Chalong Tubsree


Need, Psychology, Employee motivation, Personnel management, China


        This study explores the levels of needs of employees at Nanning Admiral City Mall according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and compares the difference of needs that motivated employees of different genders, ages and years of work experience. A quantitative approach is applied to answer the research questions proposed for this study. This study uses a questionnaire to collect data. The sample of 66 employees was randomly selected from the population of 78 employees at Nanning Admiral City Mall. Using descriptive statistics, the ranking of the five need levels for employees, in order of importance, was self-actualization need, social need, esteem need, physiological need and safety need. From the comparisons of employees’ needs classified by gender, age and years of work experience, there were no significant differences.

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