The successful implementation of a sports competition program through sportainment style: A case study of Thai Boxing in Thailand


  • Thunya Phovijittra


Muay Thai, Boxing, Sports competition, Sportainment competition style


            The study aims to investigate empirically the factors which have effect on competition management of one sport, Thai boxing, through a Sportainment style in Thailand. The objectives are to study the factors which have effect on Thai boxing sports competition design through Sportainment style in Thailand, studying the Sportainment model for Thai boxing competition. in Thailand, and study the attitude of spectators’ effects between THAI FIGHT, an open international Thai-Boxing championship competition and normal Muaythai competition: a professional Thai-Boxing Championship Competition. The results from this study explain the factors which have a positive effect on competition management of hai boxing through the Sportainment style in Thailand such as 1) The integration of light and sound system with competition. 2) The Brand building process 3) Objectives of competition with enough values to motivate audiences to come to view the event, and, 4) Sequence of the event or event organizing, including event services, to create audience impression. The factors which have a negative effect on competition management of Thai boxing through the Sportainment style in Thailand such as: 1.) Level of skill which athletes should have. 2.) Development of pattern and method of public relation (PR). Sportainment Model is = 0.10_Value - 0.12_Communication + 0.09_Process or organizing process 0.14_Product or type of sport + 0.14_Brand + 0.93_Entertainment. Most of the respondents satisfy with all aspects of THAI FIGHT’s competition. There are two aspects where samples are dissatisfied with THAI FIGHT. First is ticket buying. Because at the present time, the entrance tickets are distributed to the interested public for free of charge. If a THAI FIGHT organizer starts selling the ticket, respondents will have dissatisfaction. Second, respondents are dissatisfied with THAI FIGHT’s public relation process.

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