Needs Assessment Techniques for Developing an Effective Training Program


  • Noppadol Prammanee


Needs assessment, Needs assessment techniques, Needs analysis, Training program, Effective training, Instructional design


           The purpose of this paper is to propose Needs Assessment (NA) techniques for companies and organizations to carefully consider before conducting training programs. Thepaper is based on a combination of a literature review, Master and Doctoral Degree course work/research, and teaching experience of the author. These three approaches were applied to strengthen the NA techniques in the development of an effective training program. These techniques have been evaluated through comparison and contrast analysis, and synthesis of both older and more recent literature related to NA. NA techniques are essential for effective training and include eleven steps as follows: 1) NA name and topic, 2) problem statement, 3) data collection samples 4) data collection methods, 5) questions to ask, 6) description of needs analysis, 7) collected data summary, 8) interpretation of data, 9) statement of revised instructional problem to be solved by the lesson, 10) learner characteristics, and (11) setting characteristics.          The value of this contribution lies in the development of unique NA techniques for developing an effective training program. Users can incorporate or modify all eleven steps to match with their companies and organizations unique environments

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