Corporate Social Responsibility within the Thai with ThaiBev Football Community


  • Jatuporn Pramolbal
  • Somchai Prasertsiriphan
  • Ekachai Puongklin


Corporate social responsibility (CSR), Football Community, Youth Development


          This research is aimed to study the model and benefit of the ThaiBev Football Academy project, the football community to present Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) sport activity with efficiency and effectiveness, under the conception of fundamental management “4Ms”, as Man, Money, Materials, and Method aiming for sustainable development of youths and society. The researcher applied field research and survey research to gather data and making an analysis by calculating its frequency. Nonprobability sampling with purposive technique is also adopted in this paper.          The result shows that the management model of the ThaiBev Football Academy in this research which the researcher has studied in three aspects comprising 1) Operational management: more than 98 percent of the sample group viewed that the process as proper and suitable, 2) Resource management: 94 percent of the sample group thought that the resources are sufficient and 3) Benefits: where the beneficiaries are subdivided into three groups. These three groups reveal that 1) all the youths have benefited from this project (100 percent), 2) the parents have benefited from this project (96.2 percent), and 3) the Company, the owner of this project, has benefited from this project (97 percent). Therefore, it can be concluded that “ThaiBev Football Academy Project” for the community can be implemented as a sustainable CSR activity through the sport of football.          Nevertheless, the study of CSR in the football sport is in a case of the ThaiBev Football Academy, which found that the Company has little understanding of CSR principles. The Company’s employees only knew CSR in terms of donations or funding, while the community may show social responsibility by participating as a part of the project

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