The Development Needs of Personnel in a Selected Chinese State-owned Enterprise For the Growth in the Greater Mekong Subregion


  • Feng Jing
  • Nart Nontasak
  • Ronald A. Markwardt


State-owned enterprises, Vision, Professional development, International expansion, GMS


          The purposes of this study were to investigate the vision and mission of a Chinese State-owned Company regarding the development of employees and managers for Greater Mekong SubRegion economy leading to the year 2020 and to explore the perception of the personnel related to their career growth,and company achievement. The participants were 8 managers and 108 employees of the Yunnan Tin Company Group Limited. The study revealed that the mission of the company as perceived by the managers was to create more products or services for GMS. Finding from this study indicated that the vision of the company leading to the year 2020 as recommended by managers was to become a world-renowned metals producer, expanding markets to overseas. The employee survey indicated that they were satisfied, but expected promotion. They did not expect change in the GMS market, but they recognized project managers and human resource managers to be trained them about cross-cultural management.

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